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What are people saying about Living Faith Kids?

Teachers say...

White Board “I am very pleased with the content, as this is an excellent way to encourage kids to read the Bible, learn and to pray. I’ve asked my 5th graders to have their parents order on a yearly basis. There are many who bring their booklets to class, so I ask one of them to do the reading for the day.” (Dolores in Arizona)

“We’re very excited about Living Faith Kids. For one thing, it helps children learn the Bible by teaching them how to look up things in the Bible. And it helps them to pray daily. They can read this when they get up in the morning or read it before they go to bed at night. I think its wonderful.” (Sande in Colorado)

“An ideal gift and wonderful tool in helping a young person learn… a great investment in the future of the Church—and a cheap one too!” (Kay in Oklahoma)

Children say...

“Thank you for making this magazine! … Living Faith is a wonderful magazine. I would like to thank [Sister G.] for giving our whole school these magazines.” (Allison in Connecticut)

“My name is April and I’m 9 years old. My Grandma got me this magazine for Christmas and I really like it. I was really looking forward to my new issue. If you have not sent it please send it now!” (in Texas)

“Hi. My name is Diane and I am 11 years old. I like reading Living Faith. I read it every night with my mom at prayer time.”

“We read the Gospel of the day and then read the meditation. Thanks for all you do for my family.” (Josefa in Connecticut)

Parents say...

“My daughter has been anxiously awaiting the next issue. Just wanted to check in and make sure it’s coming. Thank you for such a great resource for kids.” (Grace and Anne, mother and daughter in North Carolina)

“Your devotionals are very insightful and uplifting. Many thanks, keep up the good work & God bless.” (Joseph)

Kid with Backpack“My son really enjoys the booklet and reads it to me every night. He is in 4th grade at a Catholic school and really enjoys the spiritual elements in life. Living Faith for Kids reinforces the good he already believes in and helps him to understand more! Thanks again!” (Julie in New Hampshire)

“My daughter just received her first two copies of Living Faith for Kids, and they look wonderful! Thanks for creating such a relevant and doable magazine for children.” (Kathleen)

“I purchase Living Faith for Kids for my 9-year-old nephew. Most days I really like your thoughts for the day. Basically, I think you do a great job.” (Susan, SND, in New Mexico)
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