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Living Faith Kids is an invaluable investment in your parish or school. Our content is designed with "tweens" in mind—those who've outgrown Children's Liturgy but aren't yet ready for teen material. (Think anytime between First Communion and Confirmation.) It's keeps them interested and active in the Church and lasts all year long, building a foundation for lifelong faith. We give ourselves a 5-A rating:
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Games, puzzles and crafts reinforce Catholic teaching and tradition; highlight Scripture, saints and feasts; and can be shared with the entire family.


Our writers are well-known authors, educators and catechists. Many also contribute to Living Faith or specialize in Christian children's publishing.


All our devotions follow the Roman Catholic Church Year, and every issue receives an Imprimatur from the local archdiocese so you know our content is trustworthy.
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Whether traditional, seasonal or informal, our prayers are written at the reader's level and full of faith and hope in the Good News.
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Bulk orders for the parish or school are competitively priced, often less than $1 per copy. Multiple payment options and methods are available. For more details, call 1-800-325-9414 or click here.
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